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2012 Perseid Meteor Shower over Denver Colorado
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can we have more “silent treatment” optimus prime. i need this

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Tumblr Themes Most accurate representation of the Dinobots ever.



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Anonymous asked: Huge nerd that I am always happy to see on my dash

c8 this made me smile thank you anon

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hailstarscream asked: 1, 4, 12,13, 17,

1. When did you join the fandom?

I’ve loved Transformers since I was a little girl but the obsession didn’t start until I was like 13 or 14?

4. What was your first transformers figure?

I had an Optimus Prime figure when I was a toddler. I think I destroyed him though

12. Favorite transformers figure? Answered

13. How many transformers figures do you have? Answered

17. Favorite version of Starscream?

This is actually really difficult because I love specific things about every Starscream. Like, I need every Starscream verse to exist to feel real happiness. I must say though that Starscream in the Windblade comics and the RiD comics is really fucking hot and sometimes super sneaky and clever and I LOVE IT

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Hell ya the mini cons count! The weapons teams are awesome! And XD no worries, they stand for your stance on frenzy and rumble’s colors. You’re either FIRRIB, = is frenzy is red, rumble is blue, OR, You’re FIBRIR, = frenzy is blue, rumble is red.
Ohhhhhh hahah blue Rumble please c8 It just fits him better
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uhg Its doors lifted up too. That’s what made me flip so much! so much yum on one car!
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I live right next to a dodge dealership and I got attached to a blue challenger that was prob priced too much so it didn’t sell. when It finally did I got sad. Btw the Camaro had blacklight underglow and halolights plus lights lining the doors.
Wow brb crying because I can’t have that car
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blackout501st asked: 7, 9, 12, 13, 16! 8D

7. Who is your favorite Decepticon?

Soundwave, Megatron, Starscream, Thundercracker. babies


I’m so confused right now should I know what these mean I’m so sorry

12. Favorite transformers figure?

Masterpiece Thundercracker even though I will never have the money for such a sexy figure oh what a shame

13. How many transformers figures do you have?

I’m poor so not many xD

ROTF Optimus Prime, WFC Soundwave & Laserbeak, a Kreo Breakdown, and I don’t know if bobble heads count but also ROTF Megatron and Optimus bobble heads. I also have little mini figures of most of the main Armada characters from the Transformers Armada board game.

16.Favorite combiner team?

Do the minicons that created the Star Saber in Armada count? They were such little cuties 83

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I’m also obsessed with cars. One time I was getting off work and I stopped to take a pic of a Camaro. It’s owner walked out and was like wanna sit in it? I freaked and started hyperventilating. He was like should I call the paramedics?!
Omg so generous of an offer xD
There was a Camaro for sale at my local car dealer and I drove by everyday just to admire it’s beauty and when someone bought it I practically died.
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wheeljacks-bitch asked: 23, 26, 28 :)

23. Least favorite transformers universe?

Beast Wars. I’ve never even watched a full episode but I don’t like the animation and I just don’t like how all the characters look.

26. Who is the most hot transformer?

How can anyone answer this with so many smokin’ robutts in existence. I do have special feelings for Thundercracker, Megatron, and Swerve, but I really can not decide.

28. Who has better boobs: Soundwave or Shockwave?

Everything about Soundwave is perfect and he can keep his cassettes in his roboobs but Shockwave’s roboob is such a perfect shape can I just appreciate both equally or nah

Lol I gave you one straight answer because I’m afraid of forgetting or offending my fictional babies

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hey look he’s not wearing a dress anymore

And look his nekkidness attracted all the chicks

Omg don’t make me put the dress back on

Nooo let him be free