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watch out for the quiet ones.
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Sketch: Autobot Crosshairs (& someone inside his coat)
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scarf bots!!!! they’re….finally…..done
i’ll have these on stickers or magnets or buttons soon!! just. as soon as i figure out. how to do it. easily.
here’s them! there they are
please do not repost or use as icons or on your blog!
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to commemorate the end of the walking dead season two (and us tearing out our hearts and stomping them into the floor), raavi and i did a collab! 
she did the lines for clem & sketched up the zombies and i did the colouring!
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iscream4starscream asked: "Make me."




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The Warlord lifted a claw and pressed it against the girl’s chest, pinning her against the floor. He was careful not to allow his claw to cut into her skin, but it was getting close to it. "I’ll ask one more time. Clean it up!" He snarled, optics flashing. The paint Allison had managed to knock over had spilled onto the floor and Megatron did not want pink footsteps all over the Nemesis.

Allison had been in a particularly tenacious, sour mood all day, and it had probably been in her best interest not to visit Megatron, but when did that ever stop her?

Of course it was an accident. No she didn’t intentionally knock over the can of paint in a brief fit of internal frustration with how the day had been playing out, completely unaware that it would be opened just enough that it would splatter the floor as it crashed to its side. And no, she did not want to clean it up.

The claw was quite convincing, however. "Fine!" Was all she could say, anxious to have him remove the claw from her chest, which, to her surprise, was not penetrating her skin.

The Tyrant’s lips rippled back in a frustrated snarl as he pulled his servo back. Crimson optics clashed with the vibrant pink and Megatron grimaced, already irritated by the cheery colour. Shifting on his pedes, he pointed at the mess and scowled at Allison. "You are so clumsy," He commented.

Megatron made his way over to the desk in the room, lifting a cloth from it, dropping it to the floor before turning his gaze back to the girl. "There," his engine rumbled. "Use that."

With his claw now absent, she was free to fold her arms stubbornly, her facial expressions matching the gesture. She huffed, not wanting to agree or disagree that she was clumsy, though she would probably admit to it in any other situation.

Half-stomping, she walked over to the cloth and jerked it up off the ground,  making a quick, aggravated sigh as she began to scrub away at the paint. Allison said nothing and focused only on removing the paint from the floor, not wanting to accidentally say something that would only make the situation worse. She was not frustrated with Megatron for forcing her to clean the mess that she had made, but her mistake had been what tipped her already foul mood farther in the wrong direction.

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what if it was
I’ll probably vomit
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oh my god what
I’m really hoping it isn’t some creepy underclassman.
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generous lord
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Some guy at the grocery store today asked my mom if I’m still going to be attending youth ministry every other sunday and my mom told me she didn’t recognize him but guessed he was around my age but when she described him I had no idea who he was??? A guy cares if I’m going to youth ministry? A guy remembered my name and knows who my mom is? I’m a tiny bit creeped.

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samwise gamgee the kitty cat
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You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your…

Tagged by: starscreamsdemise

1. Slow and Steady- Of Monsters and Men

2. All I Need- AWOLNation

3. Never Go Back- Evanescence

4. Lost In Paradise- Evanescence

5. Birthday- The Beatles

6. What’s Up Lonely- Kelly Clarkson

7. Leave It Up To Me- The Mowgli’s

8. Every Night- Imagine Dragons

9. Gaslight- Emilie Autumn

10. Sight of the Sun- f.u.n

I really don’t feel like tagging people :P

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hey roddy
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Spirit + landscape